Paperback on its way

March 26, 2010

I’m pleased to announce that a paperback version of the book is coming out in July 2010. The cover is quite different and I’m delighted that Peter Hopkirk, my favourite writer on all things Central Asian, has written a really nice endorsement.

6 Responses to “Paperback on its way”

  1. Francoise Derby said

    Hi Chris, if you’re reading this loved the book and was already interested in visiting Uzbekistan.Like yourself spent time as a child in The Lebanon and have travelled much of north Africa and the middle east. Could you let your readers have some pointers into doing the trip independantly. The tour opperators charge exorbitant prices, staying in local hotels would reduce the cost and leave money to spend on the carpets.

    • Hi Francoise,
      there are definitely ways of visiting Uzbekistan on the cheap. Baltic Air are no frills and fly to a number of destinations in Uzbekistan, offering very cheap tickets and are much nicer than the average European no frills airline. In terms of places to stay, obviously, I’d recommend Meros B and B in Khiva, which is run by my Uzbek host family. The Lonely Planet Central Asia contains most of the information you’d need for cheap places to stay and how to get around with transport. The Odyssey Uzbekistan guidebook is the best one for cultural and historical information. May, September and October are the nicest times to visit. Hope that helps.

  2. Brenda Leach said

    I have just finished ‘A Carpet Ride to Khiva’ and found it hugely and heart-achingly informative,spell-binding, inspirational and just a wonderful read.
    I am full of admiration for you Chris, can’t wait for the next book and wish you every success in the High Pamirs.

  3. Kelvin said

    Hi Chris,

    Heard of your story and your book when I wondered into your carpet workshop in May while visiting Khiva. Chanced upon your book last weekend at Borders in Singapore. Its been a fascinating read and provided an insight into life in post-Soviet Uzbekistan. Best of luck in the Pamirs!

  4. Sela said

    Just finished reading the Carpet Ride to Khiva and was/am really touched by the story and the people. Thank you for investing your time and your HEART into this.
    Only downside: the cover of the paperback is not very inviting. I’d never have picked the book up if it had not been recommended by a friend.

    • I thought the stark difference between the hardback cover and the paperback cover was pretty impressive, but let’s just say it’s not in my contract to like either cover. Glad you read the book anyway!

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